If you're looking for a new and unique party venue for kids in Hong Kong, then ARace is the venue for you.
Treat your kids to a party like they've never experienced before at Hong Kong's first and only commercial digital slot car race track.  ARace is one of the newest and coolest party venues in Hong Kong providing a fun activity for boys and girls, with exclusive use of the clean and comfortable venue for parents and guests to socialise.
Whether you are planning a special occasion, such as a Birthday, Christmas or saying goodbye to special friends, ARace can provide a fun and memorable experience for kids and parents.  We can arrange refreshments, cakes and favour gifts so that you can relax more and enjoy the party.
Watch your kids' faces light up and get excited and find out why they say they have their best party ever when they celebrate their Birthday at ARace!
ARace is an indoor venue conveniently located within one minute walk from Quarry Bay MTR, with a few nearby car parks within only 1 to 5 minutes walking distance.
You can read about ARace Kids Parties in the frequently asked questions section below, which may answer any questions you may have.

Or feel free to contact us by calling  +852 9156 7098  or email us at  info@arace.hk  for more information.


  • 1) What age is suitable for an ARace Kids Party?

    ARace Kids Parties are suitable for children from the age of 4 years to 17 years.

    Older kids can generally handle controlling the cars better.  It depends on the individual child for how fast they can pick up the skills (we have seen a 4 year-old controlling the cars better than 10 year-olds before!).

    The more practice and experience the kids have with slot car racing, the better their racing performance.

    While some younger kids are capable racing on their own, kids under the age of 6 may require parental assistance while racing.

    Kids below the height of 1.1 metre tall can sit on high chairs while racing on our large race track as our 50-metre length track is set on a table 1 metre high.

    All the races will be run by our Race Director who will observe and set up races according to the skill level of the kids racing.
    The Race Director can also set the overall speed of the cars to the level of the racers.

    If you are expecting younger kids (e.g. below 3 years old) to attend the party, even if they are not racing, please inform us beforehand to check suitability.  There may be a limited number of non-racing kids (normally up to 3) permitted entry.  Parents will be required to closely supervise very young kids at all times throughout the party.

  • 2) How many kids is suitable for an ARace Kids Party?

    Up to 6 cars can race simultaneously on the ARace 50-metre track.

    We can arrange kids parties from 6 kids and up to 24 kids.

    For more than 6 kids, they are divided into teams for fun team relay races.
    A total number of kids divisible by 5 or 6 is best for an equal number of racers in each team, although we can also set up for uneven numbers.

    8 kids = 4 teams of 2
    10 kids = 5 teams of 2
    12 kids = 6 teams of 2
    15 kids = 5 teams of 3
    18 kids = 6 teams of 3
    20 kids = 5 teams of 4
    24 kids = 6 teams of 4

    ARace Kids Party Packages are available for up to 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20  and 24 kids.

    The maximum capacity of ARace is up to 40-45 people.

  • 3) How are races set up?

    All the races are managed by our Race Director with race assistants.

    The kids will be given a short briefing at the start of the party and then be allocated into teams.
    After a demonstration and practice session, the kids will start racing.

    Racing medals can be awarded to the winning team at the end of the party.


  • 4) Do I need to bring my own cars to race?

    No!  There’s no need to bring your own cars.
    All our sessions and parties include use of our Carrera Porsche 911s.

    However, some kids may already have their own slot cars and would like to bring their own to race.

    Please contact us before the party if you intend to bring your own cars to race, so we can advise suitability.

    Our Carrera race track was specifically built for Carrera Digital 132 slot cars that operate with a Carrera chip only.
    Therefore, we must first check whether your child’s car is fully compatible with our Carrera race track.
    e.g. Scalextric slot cars with a Scalextric digital chip will not operate on our race track.

    Call +852 9156 7098 or email info@arace.hk for further information.


    ARace Formula e, Formula 1 and sports cars

  • 5) How long is an ARace Kids Party?

    ARace Kids Parties are generally from 2 to 4 hours duration depending on the number of kids and the quantity of refreshments to be provided.

    With refreshments, a minimum of 2-3 hours is recommended, or more for larger parties.

    Here is a sample 2-hour kids party schedule for 12 kids for reference:

    12:55pm   party guests enter ARace
    1:00pm     educational briefing and team allocation
    1:15pm     practice session
    1:30pm     racing session
    2:30pm     cake ceremony & group photos
    2:35pm     refreshments served
    2:55pm     winners announcement and medal ceremony
    3:00pm     distribution of favour gifts while guests depart

    Each race, including set up, can last from about 10 to 12 minutes depending on the skill level and number of drivers.

    The schedule can vary with the number of kids and guests, the amount of refreshments or if there are any delays (e.g. guests arriving late).

    We advise that all guests familiarise themselves with the location and directions to ARace before the party date to avoid delays and missing races.

    Weekend kids party slots normally start from around 10am, around 1pm, around 4pm or around 7pm.

    The schedule and start times given above is for reference only, can vary and depend on availability.

  • 6) What is included in an ARace Kids Party Package?

    An ARace Kids Party Package includes:

    - refreshments
    – utensils
    – the same number of supervising (non-racing) adult guests as the number of kids racing

    For Birthday parties, the following are also included as complimentary in a package:
    – e-invite
    – room decorations (standard “Happy Birthday” banner and balloons)

    Special offer: for 2+ hour party packages with more than 12 kids, the following is also included:

    - racing medals for the overall winning team
    – a mini favour bag of sweets (with personalised labels) per child
    - bottled water (with personalised labels) per child

    We can arrange additional or alternative refreshments, decorations, favour gifts or a Birthday cake.  These will be subject to additional cost and availability and may require at least 3-6 weeks advanced confirmation.

    We regret that decorations or refreshments not arranged by us are not permitted into the venue.
    Helium balloons and certain toys are not suitable to bring in to ARace.
    Please check with us prior to your party if you are unsure of suitability of any items you wish to bring into the venue.

  • 7) What refreshments are included in an ARace Kids Party Package?

    The standard refreshments in an ARace Kids Party Package includes large (11″) pizzas and bags of crisps for the kids, and a drink (selection of sodas, fruit juices and bottled water) for each person confirmed and included in the package.

    We usually arrange Margherita (cheese and tomato) pizzas as they are most popular for kids parties.  However, other flavours (i.e. with meat or vegetarian) are also available if preferred.

    Additional refreshments
    Additional snacks can be arranged at additional cost should you prefer to provide more for the kids and if you would like to provide food for the adult guests too (e.g. chicken wings, samosas, spring rolls, cookies etc…).  You can request for a list of options of additional refreshments during the booking process.

    We can arrange an alternative refreshment packages with mini burgers, hot dogs and a selection of dim sum.  This alternative refreshment package option will be subject to additional cost and availability.

    When refreshments are served:
    ARace Kids Parties may differ to other kids parties in that the focus is on the racing activity rather than a food party.  The refreshments are normally served to the kids after all the races have finished, for approximately the last 30 minutes of the party.  How much time we allocate for the refreshments depends on the amount of food to be provided and the number of guests.  For parties of longer duration, (e.g. 2.5+ hours) we may schedule a little break half way through the races to serve simple snacks (i.e. potato chips) and water.

    Special dietary requirements:
    While we can suggest options of foods for those with special dietary needs (e.g. vegetarian, nut free etc…), we cannot guarantee that there are no traces of allergens that may cause any adverse reactions.  Requests for special dietary requirements should be made at least 4 weeks in advance and will be subject to availability.

    Please note that bringing your own food into ARace, including small snacks, is not permitted.

  • 8) Do you arrange Birthday cakes?

    Yes, we do.

    A cake is not included in the party package and will be subject to additional cost.

    Custom cakes may require at least 2 to 6 weeks advanced confirmation with payment.
    The price will depend on the complexity of design and size/weight of the cake.
    Custom cakes start from 2lbs, or 3+ lbs if the design is more complex or 4lbs if with 2+ tiers.

    Of course, a car or car racing theme is the most popular requested.  However, Star Wars, Angry Birds, Pokemon, Minions and Minecraft are just some of the other themes for Birthday cakes we have arranged.

    We can also arrange cakes made without gluten, nuts, egg or dairy in the ingredients, although please note that we cannot guarantee that there will not be any traces of these in the cake to cause any adverse reactions.  There may be limitations to flavour and design.  We will discuss your special requirements with you.  We may require at least 3-6 weeks notification of your request for cakes with special dietary requirements.

    Cupcakes, cake pops and cookie favour gifts can also be arranged at additional cost to enjoy at the party or to take home as favour gifts.

    Please note that you will need to inform us at the time of booking if you opt to bring your own cake.  Bringing your own cake is subject to our prior approval and will be subject to a standard charge (HK$500).  You will need to specify the size of cake, any special storage and handling instructions and you should check with us to arrange a suitable delivery time.

  • 9) How do I book an ARace Kids Party?

    To book an ARace Kids Party, you can:

    - telephone  +852 9156 7098

    - email  info@arace.hk

    – or submit an online booking form (see section below FAQs)

    We recommend confirming your party booking at ARace at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance if you prefer a specific date and time to avoid disappointment, or if you have any special requirements, such as special custom decorations or a Birthday cake.

    Parties should be booked at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance and only advised if you are flexible with your party date (i.e. party can be held during a weekday) and/or time (i.e. party can be held in the evening).  We can arrange parties within a week, but certain items, i.e. favour bags, racing medals etc… may not be available and cake options will be limited.

    Look out for our advanced booking offers for bookings confirmed at least one or two months in advance.

    We will require the following information to process your booking:

    1.     Your full name
    2.     Your telephone contact number(s)
    3.     Your email address
    4.     Party date*
    5.     Party start time*
    6.     Duration of party*
    7.     Number of kids and adults expected
    8.     Age range of kids
    9.     Name of Birthday child
    10.   Age Birthday child is turning
    11.   Refreshments required
    12.   Birthday cake required
    13.   Any other special requirements

    *please note that all parties are subject to availability.

    After we have received all the information required and confirmed availability, we will send you a formal invoice with payment details that will be valid for a specified time period.
    We can confirm your booking after we have received your signed invoice and full payment for your party within the specified time period.

    After your booking is confirmed, we will start making arrangements for your party and arrange an e-invite and RSVP/Waiver form for you to circulate to all the party guests.

    We will also require a name list of the kids racing who will be coming to the party for purposes of printing name labels for pit passes etc…

    If you would like to enjoy any ARace offers, promotional codes, vouchers or coupons, you must state this at the time of booking.

  • 10) How do I pay for an ARace Kids Party?

    Payments can be made by transferring to:

    ARace (HK) Limited, HSBC account no. 848-185765-838

    Please email a copy of your transfer receipt* to info@arace.hk after payment.
    *The transfer receipt is required for checking purposes only and will not be accepted as payment confirmation.

    (we regret that credit card or cheque payments are not currently accepted)

    Full payment is required at the time of booking and we shall send you an invoice with your party and payment details.

    (For additional refreshments, cakes or other special requests, these can be invoiced separately at a later date, or at the time of booking if confirming with less than 15 days before your party.  Custom cakes may require 3-6 weeks advanced payment confirmation.)

    We can confirm your booking and reserve your preferred party date and time after we receive your full payment.

    You will need to note the validity period of your invoice.  If your payment is received after the specified time on your invoice, we cannot guarantee your preferred date and/or time is available and we may have to offer alternatives, including the date and/or time to what is stated on the invoice.  Remember to allow for additional days for making payment on weekends, public or bank holidays or if transferring from a bank other than HSBC.

    For cake orders, we shall only confirm orders with our bakers after we have received your full payment in our account within the required time.  In case of late payments, a surcharge may apply for your preferred option or we may have to arrange alternative options.

    You should send us details of your transfer payment or a copy of your transfer receipt to check your payment.
    Note that receipts shall be used for checking purposes only and not accepted as successful payment to confirm your booking or order. Your payment should arrive in our account on or before the date as specified on the invoice.  It is your responsibility to check with your bank to ensure there are no delays to us receiving payment.

    Receipts for all your payments will be given to you at the party.


    A separate cash Security Deposit payment (minimum $3,000) is also be required and is payable when you arrive on the day of the party.  The Security Deposit must be received before racing can commence and is only accepted in cash.  The Security Deposit will be fully refundable if there are no loss or damages to ARace property or equipment, including the slot cars and track, or any other charges owed.  The Security Deposit amount will be shown on the invoice.  The Security Deposit is usually returned immediately after the party after the Race Director has checked the equipment and premises.  If there are any loss or damages or uncertainties to these, we will notify you within approximately 7 days of any costs or methods of returning your security deposit.  While we have never deducted from the Security Deposit before for loss or damages for any previous parties, it is a precautionary measure.

    You can read our full terms and conditions by clicking here.

  • 11) What happens if I want to change my booking?

    If you would like to change any aspect of your booking, then please contact us as soon as possible by calling +852 9156 7098 or emailing info@arace.hk.

    We will require at least 14 days written notice before your session is due to commence if you would like to reschedule your party.  Rescheduling must be completed within 1 month from the original party date and will be subject to availability.

    If you would like to cancel your booking, we will require at least 14 days written notice otherwise no payments can be refunded.  You should call us and send us an email as soon as you can to notify us.

    If we need to reschedule your booking due to “acts of God” or reasons beyond our control such as during severe weather conditions, (i.e. Typhoon signal 8 or 10), your session or party may be rescheduled within 1 month and will be subject to availability.

    We will send you an email to confirm any changes made.

    You can read our full terms and conditions by clicking here.

  • 12) Will a waiver form be required?

    Yes!  For all our kids parties or events, an RSVP/waiver form for each child (16 or below) attending the party is required for entry, even if they do not participate in the racing activity.

    The form must be fully completed and signed by the child’s parent and are best emailed to us at info@arace.hk weeks before the party or as specified on the form for us to allow the child to join the party.

    The forms can be handed in on the day of the party, but we do not recommend this just in case the child is not dropped-off or accompanied by the parent when the form is incomplete or the child has forgotten to bring the form etc…  This can also cause delays to parties starting or kids disappointed because they cannot join the party.  We therefore recommend the forms are emailed to us within the time stated or at least a few days before the party is scheduled to take place.  Forms emailed to us on the same day of the party will not be accepted.

    The forms will explain some of the rules during the party, including:

    - Kids below the height of 1.1 metre should not run around the track area.
    – Kids should not stand or jump on chairs.  For younger kids, shoes should be removed.
    – Food is normally served during scheduled times only.  Kids will not be permitted to consume food and drinks during the races.
    – Any food or liquids cannot be taken to the track area at any time.
    – Touching or handling of the race track and main operational controls is not permitted by non-ARace members of staff.
    – Climbing under or onto the track table is not permitted by non-ARace members of staff.
    – Unfriendly or aggressive behaviour towards other party guests or members of ARace staff is not accepted.

    These rules help to avoid delays and causing disruptions to the enjoyment of the party.
    If the rules are repeatedly not being followed or any loss or damages occur to ARace property or equipment, the party will be delayed or in serious cases, be cancelled at any time.
    We encourage you to ensure the kids are sufficiently supervised by parents to avoid this from happening.
    While we have never experienced any serious problems before, this acts as a precautionary measure.

  • 13) Where is ARace located?

    ARace is conveniently located in QUARRY BAY, Hong Kong Island with easy access by MTR and with nearby car parks.

    Our address is: 196-198 Tsat Tsz Mui Road, Quarry Bay.

    We are not far from Harbour Plaza North Point Hotel.

    You can click here to see our location map  or click here to see directions to ARace.

    If it is your first time visiting ARace, watch out for the two entrances to the building!  You can only get access to ARace by entering from 196-198 Tsat Tsz Mui Road between the Aston Martin garage and the Dainese shop.  You can find us on the 3rd floor.

    By MTR

    Come out of Quarry Bay MTR station, Exit C and turn left at the first corner. (Do not use exit A or B)
    Stay on the left side of the road and you will find the entrance near the end of the block.


    By car
    There are a few car parks and parking meters only 1 to 5 minutes walk from ARace.

    Nearby multi-storey car parks can be found at:
    – Healthy Village (phase I) – closest
    – Healthy Village (phase II)
    – Healthy Gardens
    – Island Place Tower

    You can click here to see Parkopedia map.

    A few metered-parking can also be found along Healthy Street East by the building entrance.

  • 14) What have our previous clients said about ARace Kids Parties?

    “Thank you for laying on such a great evening!  Your service was faultless and you were great hosts!  Your facility provides a unique experience in Hong Kong and the plentiful nearby car parking takes away the hassle of many Hong Kong party venues.  Thanks again.”

    “Thanks for hosting such a fantastic party!  The boys can’t stop talking about it!”

    “We’ve had so many parties in different places, but our party at ARace was Matthew’s best Birthday party ever!  Everyone enjoyed it.  Thank you!”

    “Thank you for the fantastic party you organised.  Kids all had a lovely time and adults had an enjoyable stress-free afternoon.  On behalf of the Birthday boy, thank you!”

    “Many thanks for the party yesterday.  The boys (as well as myself) really enjoyed the afternoon.  It was a great way to have a party and something really quite different.  I will definitely recommend ARace to other parents and to school for future parties and events as this is such a great bonding activity for everyone who takes part.”

    “Justin and his friends had a great time and it was definitely a memorable Birthday celebration for him.  Many thanks to you and the team.”
    - YUH BIN KWAN -

    “We all had a fantastic time…such a blast! The kids haven’t stopped talking about it.  Thank you so much for the great experience!”
    - LARA STACE -

    “Thanks for a very good Friday!  Jake really enjoyed the afternoon.  I could not believe he managed to concentrate for so long.  He was knackered afterwards and slept very well.”

    “Thanks for hosting a great afternoon.  The kids absolutely loved it!  We will be back :)”

    “Once again, thanks for your efforts with the party.  By all accounts, the children had a wonderful time!”

    “To be honest, I was a bit concerned before the party because I hadn’t heard of ARace before and I didn’t know what to expect.  It was definitely the best party the kids have ever had!  Thank you!”
    - DARREN LEE -

    “Thanks so much to you and your team for creating a great experience for Kai and his friends today!  The kids had so much fun!”
    - SERENE TAN -

    “Just to say a VERY big thank you for your amazingness yesterday and of course all the pre-planning.  Happy that the kids were all excited whilst I was really enjoying it all.  Thank you, thank you!  It was a LOVELY atmosphere and set up, and incredibly well managed.  It was lovely to get to meet the ARace team.  Everyone so dedicated and thoughtful of all that was going on.  The boys had a great time and a truly memorable one :)  A big THANKS once again!”

    “I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of ARace before.  The kids got bored of going to the same places all the time and I was stuck with finding somewhere different and an activity they’d get excited about.  Wow, what an amazing find!  They all had an amazing time and it was the best party ever!  Even all the parents could relax and enjoy the party.  Now the kids just keep talking about going back again so I’m sure you’ll see us again very soon.  Thank you so much for everything!
    P.S.  Absolutely loved the Birthday cake you arranged for us too.  It’s the best chocolate cake we’ve ever had!”
    - JANICE WONG  -

    “Thanks so much for hosting such a fabulous Birthday.  Kai says it is the best Birthday party he has ever had!  All his friends are asking their parents if they can have parties with you now.  Wonderfully educational, exhilarating and memorable.  It was organised chaos – perfectly executed by you and your great team.  The cupcakes were the best too.  Kai kept saying how perfect everything was.  And thanks for the present of the Formula-e car.  Another perfect touch!  Thank you for the best time.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  The kids left more excited than when we arrived – all amped up on racing adrenaline.  All the best, from very grateful parents.”

    “ARace is the perfect and coolest party place if you’re like us who don’t get much time to organise everything and want the experience to be special!  The kids STILL can’t stop talking about it and say it was the best party ever.  The Star Wars cake and the Star Wars car favor gifts were a real hit too!  THANK YOU for creating a truly memorable experience!”

    “A clean, convenient and safe indoor place to bring your kids for fun!  No need to worry about kids breaking bones or getting soaked in the rain.  Thank you ARace!  We love coming here during the holidays.”

  • 15) Do you have any special offers or promotions for kids parties?

    Yes, we occasionally offer special promotions throughout the year.

    You can find out our latest offers and promotions in our News and Events section.

    Look out for our advanced booking offers for parties booked one or two months in advance.

    Or call us on +852 9156 7098, or email us at info@arace.hk.








Please provide ages of the kids racing:


If there are any special dietary requirements of any party guests, you can indicate below. While we can look into options, please note that we cannot always guarantee that they will be available. Requests should be made at least 4 weeks in advance.


We can arrange cakes (from 2 lbs), cupcakes (per dozen) or cake pops (per dozen) for any special occasion or theme, e.g. F1, Fast and Furious, Disney Cars, a favourite sport's team, Angry Birds, Pokemon, Star Wars, Minecraft etc... Just let us know what your preferences are below.  You may also email images of cake designs to us at info@arace.hk and we will send you a quotation.  All cakes, cupcakes and cake pops are not included in a Kids Party Package and will be subject to additional cost.

You may select one of the options below if you have any special dietary requirements for your cake. While we may be able to arrange cakes made without specified ingredients, please note that we cannot guarantee that there will be no traces of these ingredients in the cake as they may be made in facilities that use the ingredients and it will therefore be at your own risk.  Designs and flavours may also be limited.  Requests for cakes with special dietary requirements should be made at least 3-6 weeks in advance. We will contact you to discuss your requirements.

If you wish to enjoy an ARace offer or promotion, you must specify this at the time of booking.

Do you have a coupon or voucher to redeem?



You may read our full terms and conditions on our webpage www.arace.hk/terms-and-conditions.