• 1) What is slot car racing?

    Slot car racing is the competitive racing of electrically powered miniature cars along a track with grooves or slots.

    The drivers control the slot cars using handheld remote-controllers.  At ARace Slot Car Racing Hong Kong, we use wireless remote controllers, so you are not restricted to staying in one position throughout the race and allows you to be more active to move around the large track.

    p2-3_remote controller

    The ARace track is 50 metres long and is set on a table top 1 metre high.
    There are multiple lanes with many cross-over sections for overtaking during racing.

    Just like real-life motor racing, you need to avoid crashing and the car is best regularly maintained for better performance.

    Digital slot car racing provides life-like racing experiences but differs from racing in individual simulators where your eyes are glued to the TV monitor and the thrill is limited to the individual racer.

    ARace provides a more interactive and social racing experience where racers can stand side by side and race on the same track with their teammates as the pit crew assisting in the racing challenges.  It is just as enjoyable for the spectators standing by the side of the track being able to view the whole track and watch the races.

    There is a race director who will manage the races and set challenges to match the level of the racers.
    See our Tips & Tricks and What is Slot Car Racing? sections for more information.

  • 2) Who is slot car racing suitable for?


    Slot car racing is suitable for anyone who loves the thrill or racing fast cars and fun competition.

    It can be enjoyed by all ages and Hongkongers from all walks of life, not just for petrol heads, computer game addicts or RC fans.

    It is suitable for all skill levels from beginners wanting to try a new skill to serious hobbyists and car enthusiasts who own their own slot cars.

    It is ideal for those who do not have the time or space (like most Hong Kong homes) to set up their own track.

    It is great for competing with friends, family or colleagues, as a team building activity or simply just for fun.

    Some of you will already be familiar with slot car racing.  If you had a little slot car track set at home when you were growing up (many of you may remember your home Scalextric set), this will bring up feelings of nostalgia for sure.  Think 10 times bigger than those little sets you had at home, with Carrera’s advanced digital technology, ARace provides an amazingly better racing experience with more strategies and skills to master.

    Slot car racing can also be very educational as well as fun and is already used in many parts of the US to teach students all kinds of knowledge and practical skills in Design and Technology, Physics, Maths and Art. Student-centred lessons based on designing, building and decorating own slot cars and tracks provide a very fun, practical and motivating learning experience and it is very rewarding for the students.

    The ARace venue and facilities provide an excellent opportunity to enjoy fun and exciting competitions in a comfortable social indoor environment.

    ARace is perfect for intimate corporate parties and events from 6 to 40 people.

    We can also set up a custom built track for you as entertainment for your special event at your chosen location.


    Contact us for enquiries.

  • 3) How many people can come and race?

    There can be up to 6 drivers racing at the same time.  It is therefore best to race in groups of numbers divisible by 6 (i.e. 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36) although we can arrange for different numbers of racers.

    The recommended number of people for each standard 1.5-hour session = 6 to 12 people

    The recommended number of people for a custom 2 to 3-hour session = 12 to 18 people

    The recommended number of people for a custom 3+ session = 18+ people


    Larger groups and parties can participate in team relay races with each team member taking turns to drive a certain number of laps and helping each other work out better strategies to win the races.  Good teamwork and communication skills are essential for a winning team.


    Whether you would like serious racing challenges with maximum race time or knock-out races, we can arrange a session that suits you.

    You can enjoy pizza, snacks and drinks in our comfortable lounge area (‘pit stop’).

    The over 1,000 square foot venue has a maximum capacity of approx. 45 people.

    If you are planning an event for an even larger number of people in another venue, then we can set up a custom built track for you at your chosen venue, suitable for annual dinners and special events from 12 to 1,000+ people.

  • 4) I am a member of a special group (a company, a club, a society, an association or educational institution). Can we challenge other groups to compete against us?

    Yes, absolutely!

    ARace offers an opportunity for fun and thrilling race challenges between different groups in Hong Kong and to participate in exciting competitive leagues.

    We can arrange competitions between:

    – clubs

    – societies

    – associations

    – corporates

    – schools

    – colleges

    – universities

    We can provide custom packages for each group to include food and beverages.

    We can also set up a temporary custom track for you as entertainment for your special event.

    Packages are also available upon request for multiple sessions, which can include refreshments.

    Contact us for more information.

  • 5) How is slot car racing a good teambuilding activity?

    Slot car racing at ARace can provide teambuilding activities in a variety of ways in a relaxed and fun environment.

    Team members must communicate well with each other throughout the race and develop their own strategies to win.

    Each team member can have different roles and will switch roles and responsibilities during fun and exciting relay races.

    The other team members who are not driving will act as the pit-crew and will need to assist the driver in many important ways.  

    While the drivers are concentrating on controlling and watching the car race around the track, the pit crew need to constantly monitor and inform their drivers of the fuel levels and race positions as well as assist in regular car maintenance.

    Teamwork is essential to win the races.

    Contact us for more information.

  • 6) Can you arrange any food and beverages for our session or party?

    Yes, we can.

    We can arrange a selection of food and beverage packages.

    Pizza is the most popular option and is included in many of our session and party packages.

    We can also arrange burgers, wraps, sandwiches or canapes.

    We have a comfortable lounge area where you can relax in and enjoy food and beverages in between races and during the breaks.

    For large parties and events, minimum 3 to 4 weeks advanced ordering, confirmation and full payment may be required.

    Simple snacks (i.e. crisps, cookies, chocolate) and cold drinks (i.e. sodas, juices, bottled water) will be available for immediate purchase at the venue.
    Hot tea and coffee can also be arranged.

    Please check with your group prior to your session or party if there are any individuals with any special dietary requirements (e.g. gluten free, dairy free, no pork, vegetarian, nut free).  While we can arrange and offer suggestions of food that can be made without certain ingredients, we cannot guarantee that there will be no traces of allergens in the food that will cause any adverse reactions.  Special food requests may require at least 2-3 weeks advanced notice.

    You can contact us to discuss your preferences or requirements.

    we regret that food and snacks may not be brought into ARace for consumption.

    Drinks may be considered being brought into ARace (minimum $500) which must receive our prior approval and confirmation.  Some food or drink items are not suitable and will therefore not be permitted.

  • 7) How long is a session and what happens if I am late?

    We have a variety of sessions to choose from.

    1-Hour and 1.5-Hour Standard Adult Sessions are available suitable for up to 12 people.

    and 1.5-hour Family Saver Sessions are available, suitable for family racing sessions.

    Parties or Team Building events with refreshments normally range from 2-4 hours duration depending on the number of guests.

    You can find a list of custom options in the custom packages section.

    Before the session:

    Sessions will start and finish at the times booked and cannot normally be rescheduled.  Entry will be allowed from 5 minutes before your session is scheduled to begin.  If you are late, it is best to call and notify us as soon as you can in case we can reschedule the time for your session to finish.

    If it is your first session, make sure you are familiar with the directions to get to our venue before you come to ensure you arrive on time.  We are located within only 1 minute walk from Quarry Bay MTR Station, Exit C.  If you are driving, there are a few car parks just 1-5 minutes walk away.

    You should be ready to make the cash security deposit payment once you arrive at the venue and before racing can commence.

    We will allocate a little time at the beginning of the session to explain some of the essential rules and guidelines, as well as useful tips and tricks to you, especially if it is your first time at ARace.

    During the session:

    Please note that technical problems can arise from racers mishandling the slot cars or track or not following essential rules or guidelines. If these technical problems arise during your session, then please be patient while we address the problem as soon as possible so you can resume racing.You can read and familiarise yourself with our ‘What is Slot Car Racing’ section and ‘Tips and Tricks’ section before your session.

    After the session:

    Once the session is completed we would appreciate that all guests tidy up and collect personal belongings and depart the venue promptly as a courtesy to the next group coming to use the facility.  An additional 5 minutes shall be given for all guests to depart the venue after the scheduled finish time without charges.  For sessions or parties that continue or if the venue is still being used past this time, there will be a charge for extended time for every 15 minutes (minimum 15 minutes).  You may request additional time at the time of your session or event.  This will be subject to additional cost and availability.

  • 8) How do I book a session?

    You can call us, email us, or fill in and submit a booking request online.

    When you contact us to make a booking enquiry, please be ready to tell us the following information:

    i)      Full Name

    ii)     Contact Telephone Number

    iii)    Email Address

    iv)    If you are contacting us on behalf of a company, club, society, association or educational    

            institution, please state which one

    v)    Type of Session (i.e. Standard Session, Family Saver, Party Package, Team Building etc…)

    vi)    Session Date

    vii)   Session Time

    viii)  Total Number of Adults (aged 18 or above)

    ix)    Total Number of Kids and/or Teens (Aged 17 or under)

    If there are any children (below the age of 18) coming to your session or party, even if it is intended they do not take part in the racing activity, you must notify us at the time of booking and ensure there will be enough parental supervision for younger kids.

    * Bookings are subject to availability.
    We recommend confirming your booking at least 4-6 weeks in advance to ensure your preferred dates and session times are available.

    x)    Cake, Refreshment or Custom Decoration Requirements

    xi)  Venue Details (applicable for off-site set ups)

    Please specify the location of the venue you would like us to set up a temporary track.
    A site visit will be arranged to check suitability of the area provided and for us to custom design and build the track.


    You must state at the time of booking if you would like to redeem any ARace vouchers or coupons or if you would like to enjoy any other promotional offer.

    If you have membership of a particular group or organisation that offers any privileges or discounts at ARace, then you must email a copy of your membership ID card at the time of booking and bring the original card for verification when you come to your session.


    Once we have received your call and/or message with all the required details, we shall reply as soon as possible to arrange your booking.

    Full payment will be required to confirm your booking.  No reservations of dates and times shall be confirmed until full payment have been received.

    For larger groups and parties, we shall also discuss food and beverage packages with you during the booking process. All orders for food and beverages must be confirmed with advanced full payment.  We need to receive your signed copy of the invoice or agreement and full payment within the stated time specified on your invoice to confirm your booking.  Your booking and party details will not be confirmed until we have successfully received your full payment and signed invoice.

    If your payment and signed invoice has not received within the specified date on your invoice, we cannot guarantee your requested date and time is still available and may have to provide alternatives to what is stated on the invoice and may be subject to additional costs or charges.

  • 9) How do I pay for a session?

    Your full payment by ATM or online transfer should be received by us at least 2-7 days in advance to confirm your booking, or earlier if you are not flexible with your availability of date and time.
    A separate Security Deposit payment (minimum $500) shall also be payable when you arrive to your session.


    Your full payment by ATM or online transfer should be received by us at least 3-6 weeks in advance or within the date specified on your invoice to confirm your booking.


    A separate cash Security Deposit payment (minimum $3,000) shall also be payable when you arrive to your session.  The security deposit will be required for all sessions and parties and must be received before racing can commence.  The security deposit is fully refundable if there is no loss or damage to ARace property or equipment, including the slot cars and track, or any other charges owed.  We will notify you of the actual amount of security deposit required by us during the booking process.


    For all family, group or party bookings, please note that all payments must be arranged by your own coordinator to be received by us in lump sums as one payment. It is your coordinator’s responsibility to collect payment from individuals and be prepared to make the necessary payments for the whole group as and when it is required.  We advise you to prepare the payment before you arrive to your session in order to avoid delays to your session starting.

    – Your preferred date and time is not secured or confirmed until all required payments have been received within the required time specified on your invoice –


    Credit cards or cheques are not currently accepted.

    All bank, ATM or online transfer payments can be made to:

    ARace (Hong Kong) Limited

    HSBC account no. 848-185-765-838

    Please email us with full transfer details (i.e. date and time of transfer, account name and number) or email a scanned or photo copy of the transfer transaction receipt so we can check and confirm receipt of your payment.

    You should state clearly the full name of the individual, group or company if the booking is held under a different name than the account the payment is transferred from.


    For any cash payments, only HK$ banknotes will be accepted.


    You must state at the time of booking if you intend to redeem any ARace vouchers or coupons or any other promotional offer for your booking.

    You must provide the original ARace voucher, coupon or valid membership card during payment.

    Terms and conditions apply for the use of ARace vouchers, coupons and promotional offers and may be subject to change. Please check with us at time of booking.

  • 10) What happens if I want to change my booking?

    If you would like to change any aspect of your booking, then please contact us as soon as possible.

    We will require at least 3 days written notice for small/family sessions, or at least 14 days written notice for larger groups, parties and events before your session is due to commence if you would like to reschedule.  Rescheduling is subject to availability.

    If you would like to cancel your booking, we will require at least 14 days written cancellation notice otherwise no payments can be refunded.  You should call us and send us an email as soon as you can to notify us.

    If we need to cancel your booking due to “acts of God” or reasons beyond our control such as during severe weather conditions, (i.e. Typhoon signal 8 or 10), your session or party may be rescheduled within 1 month and will be subject to availability.

    We will send you an email to confirm any changes made.

    You can read our terms and conditions for full details.

  • 11) What is slot car racing at ARace like for kids?


    The minimum recommended age is 4 years old.  You must inform us at the time of booking of any children under the age of 18 coming to the session and specify the minimum age. Kids under the age of 6 will require close parental supervision.

    Kids will need to focus and develop good eye-hand co-ordination to carefully control the speed of the car around the track without de-slotting (coming off the track) or crashing, which is not easy at first. There are extra challenges that will require patience and practice to master that may take a few sessions.  Our Race Director will run all the races and set the speed, races and challenges according to the age and skill level of the drivers.





    All kids must be accompanied by parents, adult guardians or teachers to the session or party and be ready to supervise if and when required. Parents and guardians can assist the kids in driving if needed for kids (e.g. for kids under 6 years old).  For older kids, less supervision is normally required and the parents can enjoy watching, cheering or socialising in the lounge “pit stop” area.

    It will be the parents’ own responsibility to provide sufficient parental or adult supervision for smaller kids throughout the session or party.  There will be a short briefing by the Race Director at the start of the session to explain some of the rules and guidelines as well as tips and tricks for racing which we recommend all parents and adult guardians to listen to.  There are a number of rules kids must follow, such as kids must not climb onto the track, crawl under the track table, stand or jump on chairs, touch the track or main operating controls.


    While we do not specify a minimum height, the race track is on a very large table top 1 metre high. Kids under the age of 8 or shorter than 1.1 metre height can be seated on high chairs while racing and they should not run around the track area.


    Schools are welcome to bring their classes for a fun and interesting educational session.  We can coordinate with schools to create special student-centred projects that will be very motivating for the students and fit in with the school curriculum.  Older students can design and build their own slot cars.



    If you are looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate your child’s Birthday, then ARace is the place for you.

    At ARace, we can arrange:

    – Birthday cakes
    – e-invite
    – refreshments (e.g. pizza package)
    – all utensils
    – personalised and themed decorations
    – personalised favour gifts (i.e. sweets, Hot Wheel cars, Disney cars, Star Wars cars) for each child to take away
    – winners’ medals


    ARace Party Packages start from minimum 1.5 hours from 6 kids.

    Party packages are available for 6,8,10,12,15,18,20,24 kids or up to 30 teens.

    Note: Parties with kids under the age of 17 require an RSVP/waiver form
    to be signed and completed by the parent for each child attending the party.


    With plenty of action and excitement, your kids are sure to have loads of fun.

    It will be a special Birthday to remember.

    Treat your child to a party at Hong Kong’s 1st and only digital slot car race track
    and watch the kids faces light up!

    ARace is one of the coolest and newest party venues in Hong Kong
    and is becoming one of the kids favourites.

    Call +852 9156 7098 or email info@arace.hk for further enquiries.

  • 12) What happens if I cause damage to any ARace property or equipment?

    We strongly advise you to read our sections ‘What is Slot Car Racing‘ and ‘Tips & Tricks‘ before coming to your session.

    The slot track and cars are digital, and rely on signals being passed to the Race Management System (RMS). Mishandling the cars or track may cause the RMS to malfunction and spoil your race session. The Tips and Tricks section covers some of the ways to avoid this happening.

    If there is any damage to any property or equipment (including the track and slot cars) from mishandling, negligent or reckless behaviour by you or any of the guests, then you will be liable to pay the full costs to fix or replace the damaged items.  In serious cases of misbehaviour causing disruptions or damage, we also reserve the right to cancel the session or party immediately.

    For group or party bookings, we require a cash security deposit (minimum $3,000) to be received before the session or party starts. Cheques or other forms of payment is not accepted as security deposit payment.  The security deposit will be fully refundable if there is no loss or damage to any ARace property or equipment, including the slot cars and track or any other charges owed.  While we have not deducted any security deposit from any previous ARace session or events for any loss or damages, the security deposit is a precautionary measure.

    For sessions or parties with kids, the parent(s) whose name(s) the booking is held under will be responsible for full costs of repair or replacement for any loss or damage to ARace property or equipment during their use of the venue.  We advise you to ensure there is sufficient parent or adult guardian supervision at your session or party.  We reserve the right to suspend or cancel the session or party if we believe there is insufficient supervision by the kids parents or adult guardians.

  • 13) Can I bring my own slot cars to race?

    Yes, you can, but you must notify us before your session or party if you intend to bring your own slot car to use on our tracks.  

    We will need to thoroughly check that your slot car is fully compatible with our Carrera race track before we can allow you to drive your car on our track.

    Note that our Carrera race track was specifically built for Carrera Digital 132 slot cars that operate with a Carrera chip only.

    The cars we currently use are Carrera Porsche 911 as our standard racing models.

    You may also hire a selection of our other cars at an additional cost.

    Or you can purchase your own Carrera digital slot cars to race.

    Carrera digital 132 slot car

    You can contact us for further information.

  • 14) Where is ARace located?

    ARace is located in QUARRY BAY, Hong Kong Island in a convenient location with easy access by MTR and with nearby car parks.

    Our address is: 196-198 Tsat Tsz Mui Road, Quarry Bay.

    We are not far from Harbour Plaza North Point Hotel.

    You can click here to see our location map  or click here to see directions to ARace.

    If it is your first time visiting ARace, be aware that there are two entrances to the building.
    You can only get access to ARace by entering from 196-198 Tsat Tsz Mui Road between the Aston Martin garage and the Dainese shop.
    You can find us on the 3rd floor.

    By MTR

    Come out of Quarry Bay MTR station, Exit C and turn left at the first corner.
    Stay on the left side of the road and you will find the entrance near the end of the block.


    By car
    There are a few car parks only 1 to 5 minutes walk from ARace.

    Nearby multi-storey car parks can be found at:
    – Healthy Village (phase I) – closest
    – Healthy Village (phase II)
    – Healthy Gardens
    – Island Place Tower

    Click here to see parking map.

    A few metered-parking can also be found along Healthy Street East by the building entrance.