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i) Why Do We Need To Collect Your Personal Information?

We collect information about you primarily for session booking and transactional purposes.

We will also collect information for the following purposes:

  • to improve and provide you with relevant information for all our products and services to help serve you better.
  • to provide feedback on your race performance, such as displaying your race session performances on our website.
  • to market our services, products and promotions through various communication means, such as on information and promotional leaflets, emails and websites with your consent.
  • to notify and award winners of competition or prize draws.

ii) How Do We Collect Your Personal Information?

Provision of personally identifiable information from you is voluntary.  We shall collect your personal information when you complete one of our enrolment or membership forms, Website booking and enquiry forms, questionnaires, or through other such documents and transactional areas.  You may also voluntarily provide us with your personal information to enter competitions and prize draws or to post on message board.  The information we collect may include your name, correspondence email and postal addresses, telephone number(s), age, feedback and preferences on any of our products and services.

iii) How Do We Use And Disclose What We Know About You?

Access to personally-identifying information is strictly limited to ARace employees and we will not disclose your information to any third party except for law enforcement or crime detection and prevention purposes, to verify your identity, to comply with business audits and if we sell all or any part of our business or merge with another company.

iv) Your access to and control over information

If you have any queries or wish to correct or access a copy of your personal information, you may do so at any time by contacting us by letter or email at our addresses provided at the bottom of this page and we will need to verify your details before dealing with or following any requests.

From time to time, you may decide to “opt in” to, or to “opt out” from, use by us of your personal information for promotional and marketing purposes.  If you do not wish to receive promotional and marketing material from us, please contact us clearly stating details of the personal information in respect of which the request is being made. 

If you “opt out” from receiving promotional and marketing purposes, we continue to reserve the right to contact you regarding your account membership or booking status, changes to our service agreements and other matters relevant to the information collected that may apply.

For any requests for personal information to be deleted from our active databases, we shall make commercially reasonable efforts to do so.  However, it may be impossible to delete your entries entirely from our archival and backup media and any information you provide us will be in acknowledgement of this.


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Third Party Websites

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We shall require the following details in order to process your booking:

i)       Full name of contact person
ii)      Name of group, company, educational institution or association (if applicable)
iii)     Contact telephone number(s)
iv)     Email address(es)
v)      Date of session or event
vi)     Time and duration of session or event
vii)     Venue of your event for custom off-site track (if not held at ARace premises)
viii)    Total number of adults and children (children’s ages must be specified) attending
ix)      Refreshments required (if applicable)
x)       Cake required (if applicable)
xi)      Decorations or other requirements (if applicable)


To secure a booking you are required to make full payment within the specified time indicated in the email or invoice we send to you.


Your transfer payment receipt will be required for checking incoming payments only and will not be accepted as confirmation of received payment.
For group and party bookings, your completed and signed invoice or agreement with all your booking details including extra requirements must be received by us with full payment within the specified time on the invoice or email in order to confirm your booking.

If full payment, or if applicable your signed invoice, is not received by us within the required time or as specified on email or your invoice, the details of offer and prices may be subject to changes and we may offer alternatives subject to availability and at our discretion.  For larger groups or parties, there may be a minimum 10% increase in price for ‘late’ confirmation, including late confirmation of attendees and for extra arrangements such as cakes, decorations or refreshments deemed as ‘late’ requests.



You must inform us at the time of booking if any children under the age of 18 will come to the session.

Personal identification cards or documents to verify the age of any child suspected to be below the age of 18 may be required before the session commences.  We shall reserve the right to refuse entry or immediately cancel the session at any time if we verify or suspect any child to be below the confirmed age you have specified or any child who has not previously been confirmed in the list of attendees provided by you and agreed by us in writing. This includes entry to any children who do not intend to take part in the racing activity.

RSVP/Waiver Forms
Waiver forms with kids under 16 will be required for entry to the venue or participation to any kids parties or sessions with 5+ kids.  RSVP/Waiver forms are to be signed and completed by the parent of each child attending the party or session whether or not it is intended the child participates in the racing activity or not.  We shall reserve the right to refuse entry or participation in the party at any time for any child should a valid RSVP/waiver form not be received by us before the party or by the time specified on the form.   The signed and completed full-page form with a clear image should be submitted. Incomplete, illegible or defaced waiver forms are invalid and shall not be accepted.  The terms and conditions of these forms may change at any time without prior notice.  If we have received a waiver form for a previous event for a child, we reserve the right to request a new form be submitted for the child for any future events.  (You can click here to see a sample of the form.)  All forms can be emailed to us at  Emailed RSVP/Waiver forms may not be accepted if received received by us less than 1 day before the session or event is scheduled to take place and will not be accepted if sent or received on the same day as the session or event.  We shall not be responsible for any loss or delays of emails due to technical problems etc… Forms sent by other methods, such as Whatsapp, are not accepted.  The host of the party or event should circulate the forms to all the guests.  All guests can request the form from the host.  You can send us the printed and scanned image or send a photo image of the fully completed form can be emailed to us.  Only RSVP/waiver forms completed with the hand-written signature of the named child’s parent will be accepted.

All kids parties and events must be accompanied by parents or adult guardians.  Sufficient supervision from parents and/or adult guardians is required to ensure children follow all the rules and guidelines at all times while at the venue.   We shall have the right to refuse bookings or cancel sessions or parties at any time if we feel there is not sufficient parent or adult guardian supervision.  The numbers of adults to supervise kids listed below is a guideline only.  It will be the client’s full responsibility to ensure that there is sufficient adult supervision of the kids throughout the party.

4 to 5 year-olds – The minimum recommended age group is 4 to 5 year-olds.
A group of this age must be closely supervised by parents at all times throughout the session or party.
At least 1 parent to supervise every 1 child is recommended depending on the total number of children.

6 to 7 year-olds
A group of this age may require some supervision by adults (parents, adult guardians or teachers) during the session or party.
At least 1 parent to supervise every 3-4 children is recommended depending on the total number of children.

8 to 9 year-olds
A group of this age may require some supervision by adults (parents, adult guardians or teachers) during the session or party.
At least 1 parent to supervise every 4 children is recommended depending on the total number of children.

10 to 12 year-olds
At least 2 to 4 parents to supervise is recommended depending on the total number of children.

13 to 14 year-olds
A group of this age must be supervised by adults (parents, adult guardians or teachers) at all times throughout the session or party.
At least 2 to 3 adults to supervise is recommended depending on the total number of children.

15 year-olds
The maximum recommended number of teens for 15 year-olds is 30 teens.
At least 1 adult to supervise is recommended depending on the total number of children.

Younger or shorter children (less than approx. 1.1m tall, who are too short to see the track) will be required to be seated on the high chairs at all times during racing and should not run around the track area for safety reasons.  Parents and adult guardians should adequately supervise to ensure their children do not stand or jump on chairs, do not touch the track, main controls or operating systems, climb onto the track or crawl under the track table.  We reserve the right to delay or cancel the session or party at any time if the children do not follow the rules and guidelines and if we feel the children are not sufficiently supervised by parents or adult guardians.

Any loss, damage or malfunction of any ARace property or equipment resulting from mishandling, deliberate, negligent or reckless acts by any of the children or from inadequate parental or adult guardian supervision will ultimately be the responsibility of the parent or adult the booking name is held under, who will also be liable to pay the full costs of repair or replacement.  (The cost of replacement for a slot car is minimum $1,000).




Full payment will be required for any reservations or booking confirmations.

Credit cards are not currently accepted.  Only payment in Hong Kong Dollars are accepted.  Foreign currencies are not accepted.

For large groups or parties:

Reservations will only be made once full payment is received.  Your signed invoice and full payment is required to confirm your reservation and party details.  If your payment and/or signed invoice has not been received later than the required time stated on your invoice, we may provide alternatives to what is stated on the invoice, including an alternative date and/or time for your session or party, and may be subject to additional costs or charges.  All payments should be received by us in a lump sum for the whole group by your coordinator.  Your coordinator will be responsible for calculating or collecting payments from individuals for family, group or party bookings and make all necessary payments as and when required.

Payments for all sessions, parties and off-site race track hire can be made by bank, ATM or ONLINE transfer to:

ARace (HK) LimitedHSBC account no. 848-185765-838 

It is your own responsibility and reliability to ensure your payment is received by us within the time stated on your invoice.
You should allow at least 2 to 3 extra working days if you intend to transfer payment at the weekend or on any public holidays or if transferring from another bank other than HSBC.
It is your responsibility to check with banks in case of any delays to receiving your payment etc…  Any bank charges (e.g. administration fees etc…) shall be borne by the client.

You should email a scanned or photo copy of the pay-in transaction or receipt to and ensure you state clearly the full name of the individual or group if the booking is held under a different name as the account the payment is transferred from.  The receipt shall be used by us for checking purposes only and not as confirmation of payment.


A security deposit (minimum $500 for small groups to minimum $3,000 for larger groups and parties, or as stated on the invoice) will be required before racing can commence.  We reserve the right to delay or cancel the session or party if the full security deposit amount in cash is not received by us.  The security deposit is only accepted by cash only.  Cheques or credit cards will not be accepted as security deposit payment.  The security deposit amount shall be stated at the time of booking and/or on the invoice and shall be fully refundable within 7 days after the session or party should there be no suspected loss, damages or malfunctions caused by mishandling, deliberate, negligent or reckless acts or any other charges owed.  We reserve the right to deduct from the deposit and take action to recover any further costs necessary to cover the full costs of repair or replacement resulting from mishandling, deliberate, negligent or reckless acts or any other charges owed.  (The cost for full replacement of a slot car is minimum HK$1,000).


*You must state at the time of booking if you have any promotional offer, coupons or vouchers you would like to redeem for your session.

If you have a special membership that entitles you to discount rates or promotional offers, then you must email a copy of your membership card and provide the membership number if any.  You will also need to present your original membership card when you arrive at the venue for verification.

If we suspect your coupon, voucher or membership card is not valid or you are unable to present these when you arrive at your session, we shall reserve the right to request the amount equivalent of the discount received to be paid to us before your session or party commences.
Defaced coupons, vouchers or membership cards will not be accepted.


The total numbers of attendees to sessions or parties should be confirmed at the time of booking and you will be charged accordingly.

Any extra attendees, whether they intend to observe and not participate in the racing activity, or parents and adult guardians who accompany or supervise the children during the sessions or parties should be stated at the time of booking.  We shall reserve the right to refuse entry to any attendees not previously confirmed or agreed by us or charge an additional fee per person for attendance.

If there are more guests than what you have confirmed with us at the time of booking, there will be an entry charge of minimum $50 per adult or child.   This entry charge does not include participating in the racing activity or any other items that are included in packages (i.e. refreshments, favour bags, medals etc…).  Any additional children who attend, including those who do not race and not specified at the time of booking will require a completed RSVP/waiver form for entry and will be subject to full charges.  We reserve the right to refuse entry or participation to the party at any time for any children not already confirmed and agreed by us in writing before the party or if a valid RSVP/waiver form cannot be provided for any child before the party.  For any person (adult or child) who was not already confirmed to race and then race during the session or party at any time or for any duration, the full charge for racing will apply.

ARace (Hong Kong Limited) reserves the right to change the prices for products and services and methods of payment at any time without prior notice.  Please contact us directly to check for latest prices and information.  In case of any disputes, ARace (Hong Kong) Limited reserves the right of final decision.


If you would like to change any aspect of your confirmed booking, please contact ARace (Hong Kong) Limited as soon as possible.

Rescheduling will be considered in exceptional circumstances and must be received by us at least 3 days in advance in writing for small sessions (e.g. Family Saver Session), or at least 14 days in advance for larger groups and parties.  You should also call us first to check availability.  Acceptance of rescheduling shall be subject to availability and at our discretion.  All rescheduled sessions must be completed within 30 days of the originally confirmed session date and may be subject to charges (minimum $1,000) and changes to originally agreed terms and conditions at our discretion.  Rescheduling shall be allowed once only.

For any food and beverage orders, we cannot guarantee that any changes can be made if your order is already confirmed or being processed.  Any requests to reschedule or change any aspect of your booking is subject to availability, may be subject to different prices or different terms or conditions at our discretion without prior notice.  ‘Last minute’ requests for changes may be subject to additional charges.

You must state the total number of attendees at the time of booking.  For any extra attendees, you should notify us and make your request by email and receive our written agreement at least 2 days before your session or party.  Charges for each extra attendees will apply (see Payment Terms).  We reserve the right to refuse entry or participation for any sessions or parties for any extra attendees that have not been previously been agreed by us in writing.  For non-attendance of confirmed people in any sessions or parties, refunds for payments will not be given.

For all sessions and parties, the venue shall be reserved for the confirmed scheduled start and finish times.  You will be allowed entry from 5 minutes before your session or party begins and up to 5 minutes after the scheduled finish time for all guests to depart the venue without any extra charges.

Charges will apply for extra time.  For extended use of the venue pass the scheduled finish time, we reserve the right to charge for the extra time for every 15 minutes (minimum 15 minutes). You can request for the time (minimum 15 minutes extra) to be extended during your session or party.  Acceptance of extended time shall be subject to availability and at our discretion.  

For off-site race track hire, rescheduling will be subject to availability, a rescheduling fee and at our discretion.  Should any aspect of the set up be changed (i.e. change in location of set up, or if there are any restrictions to access to the venue for any reason (including if lift access is not available on the day of the event and set up location is located on higher than ground floor level and requires access by steps or stairs), or if crowd/queuing management is not sufficiently controlled, or if required provisions cannot be provided by the client, we reserve the right to delay or cancel the set up and racing event at any time.


Requests for cancellation must be made in writing by email or post.
Emails can be sent to
Letters can be posted to ARace (Hong Kong) Limited at Unit 3C, 3/F Tung Kin Factory Building, 196-198 Tsat Tsz Mui Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

You should also try calling us first at +852 9156 7098 to notify us of your request for cancellation.

For Family Saver or Standard Sessions, if you cancel your session, your full payment will be forfeited and no refunds will be given.

For parties, larger groups and custom sessions, we can refund up to 50% of the total amount of the session or party minus any charges (i.e. orders of refreshments, cake, decorations or other special requests) already being processed if at least 14 days written cancellation notice is received by us.  If written notice is received within less than 14 days, then no refunds shall be given.

For off-site race track hire, no refunds will be given for cancellations.  If the required provisions cannot be provided by the client, or if there are any restrictions to access to the venue, or if the crowd/queuing management is not sufficiently controlled, we reserve the right to delay or cancel the set up and racing event at any time.

Any offers or promotions shall be forfeited should you cancel your session or party.

All our race sessions are operated in accordance with our standard company procedures.  We have a no refund policy once your session has commenced.

For non-attendees of confirmed people for all sessions and parties that have commenced, no refunds in payments will be given.

Signal 3 Typhoon or Red, Yellow & Black Rainstorm warnings

The venue shall remain open and operational.  However, you are advised to phone us in advance to confirm that your booked race session is scheduled to take place as planned.

Signal 8 Typhoon (or higher) warning

The venue shall be closed, and all operations will be suspended.  Where possible, scheduled sessions shall be postponed prior to commencement and rescheduled to a future date and to be completed within 1 month subject to availability.  Sessions that are in progress will be reviewed, and an appropriate decision will be reached in discussion with the customer.  You are advised to phone us to confirm the status of your session if a severe weather warning is likely to be announced on the day of your session or party.

In the event of any loss, damages and malfunctions to any ARace property, including the slot cars and track, due to any deliberate, negligent or reckless acts, we reserve the right to cancel the session immediately and charge for the full costs of repair or replacement.   (The charge for replacing each slot car is minimum $1,000).

We reserve the right to delay or cancel the session or party immediately if we suspect our rules and regulations are not being followed.

In case of any disputes, ARace (Hong Kong) Limited reserves the right of final decision.


Any food or beverage items (including small snacks and sweets) cannot be brought into our venue for consumption unless it is arranged or previously agreed by us with written confirmation and will be subject to charges (minimum $500 for food, minimum $300 for cake, minimum $500 for drinks) at our discretion.  You must provide us with a list of the type of food or drink and quantity of each type in advance for our prior consideration and agreement.  If any food or drink items are brought into the venue for consumption without our prior agreement and not as confirmed, we reserve the right to apply charges (minimum $500 for food, minimum $300 for cake, minimum $500 for drinks) from $100 per item.  Some food or drink items will not be permitted for consumption at our venue.  You should check with us first if you would like to bring your own food and drinks.  When you confirm the types and quantity of food or drinks you would like to bring, you must also inform us at the same time if any special handling or storage (e.g. needs to be kept in refrigerator) is required.  For all food and beverages we arrange from an outside vendor, we shall order your requested items for the specific time and day of your session.  The food and beverage items and its delivery service will be fully governed by the outside vendor’s own terms and conditions and you acknowledge and understand that we will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused from the products and services we arrange from the outside vendors.  You may provide us with details should you have your own preferred vendor.

While we can arrange food items that are made without specified ingredients based on your special request, we cannot guarantee that the food will not have any traces of these to cause any adverse or allergic reactions.  By requesting us to arrange food and beverages, you acknowledge and agree that we shall not be liable for any known or unknown adverse or allergic reactions that occur from consumption of these food and beverages we arrange.

Food and beverage packages require advanced confirmation and are subject to availability.  If we do not receive your payment confirmation for food and beverages within the specified or required time, we may provide alternative options if your selected option cannot be arranged in time.  Late or ‘last minute’ changes/orders may be subject to additional charges or a change in price.  A surcharge may apply for any special requirements (i.e. food and beverage, cake, decorations etc…) should confirmation and payment not be received in the required or specified time on your invoice, or if your event is held on a public holiday.

Food and drinks can only be consumed in the lounge “pit stop” area and cannot be taken to the track area at any time.  For kids’ parties, food, including cake, and drinks are normally served after all the races have finished.  For longer kids’ parties, a small break for simple refreshments (e.g. water or juices and potato chips) may be scheduled.  Hands must be wiped dry and grease free after consuming any food before handling any cars or resuming racing.  Should we suspect these rules are not being followed, we shall reserve the right to delay or cancel races.

For changes to any food and beverage orders, you are advised to provide us with as much notice as possible and contact us by email and by phone.  If your order has already been processed, we cannot guarantee that any changes to your order can be made and no refunds shall be given.


Decorations for any parties or events held at the ARace venue shall be prepared and arranged by us.  Any decorations not prepared or arranged by us will require our prior written approval.  Bringing or arranging your own decorations is not permitted.


Lockers will be available for use free of charge at the venue during your session or party.  We shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage to personal belongings brought into the ARace venue at any time.  All personal or valuable items will be brought to the venue at your own risk.


ARace (Hong Kong) Limited has the sole discretion to update these Terms and Conditions at any time.  It is your responsibility to check the Terms and Conditions for any modifications.  Your use of our website or purchase of any products and services constitutes your acknowledgement and acceptance of the changes.

You may contact ARace (Hong Kong) Limited about any queries or questions about our terms and conditions at: