ARace Slot Car Racing Hong Kong has a large 50-meter Carrera track designed by Andy Raishbrook (Director of ARace), who had the vision to bring the fun and excitement of digital slot car racing to Hong Kong.

ARace has one of the most sophisticated digital systems in slot car racing currently available to provide drivers with much better and life-like racing experiences than ever before to keep your competitive juices bubbling, such as

– being penalised for false starts

– the need to refuel

– regular car maintainence

– multiple lanes

– overtaking capabilities

– up to six drivers can race simultaneously

– audio announcements of race positions

– monitors around the venue displaying race statistics

Just like real-life full-sized motor racing, digital slot car racing is a test of your driving skills requiring careful speed control with the use of the braking system to race around the track, a test of your nerves to stay focused to keep your car on the track and avoid crashing with other racers, and a test of strategy to make sure you don’t run out of fuel and keep your car well-maintained.

ARace provides a much more interactive and social racing experience than racing in individual simulators.  Our 1,000+ sq. ft. venue has a comfortable lounge area to enjoy refreshments in between races and is great for private parties and corporate events.

You can contact us to arrange an appointment to view the venue.



Our Clients Say it Best
  • What better way to spend an evening than by racing amped up racing cars at ARace. Slot car racing is a great way to spend a couple of hours and the track and facilities at ARace make the experience a memorable one.–David Dodd

  • By far the best experience I've had in Hong Kong so far!–Rowan Thane

  • A fresh, exciting experience!  Probably the first in Hong Kong.  Particularly suitable for parties and social gatherings and great for teambuilding!–Dragon Boat Race Team

  • This was unexpectedly a really fun night out for me.  I had no idea what it was until I got there and found myself racing against friends and getting really competitive.  Lots of fun!...Not just for racer boys!–Carolyn Primrose

  • Good fun and a wonderful experience!  The comfy environment makes it a good place to bring friends together.  Definitely worth trying!  (Love the pink car!)–泛非龍

  • Great facilities and amazing accommodation!–Ian Duncan

  • Great night out with friends!  Will be back soon to entertain work colleagues.–Neil Ballantyne

  • A fun evening out and a great activity for bringing out the inner "competitor" in us all - without getting too physical!!!–Nic Banks

  • To my surprise, I had a fantastic evening and won the final race.  I didn’t know what slot car racing was before, and after trying it for the first time, I would definitely go again and recommend it to anyone, not only slot car racing fans. It’s an opportunity to spend an exciting evening out with friends in Hong Kong in a unique way.  I’m really glad my husband asked me to go.–Kasia Kalat

  • A fun and relaxed evening out after work in a convenient location!–Johnny Tam

  • I remember playing with my Scalextric set growing up.  What a way to relive the nostalgia of those fun days.  The track is huge and I love the extra challenges.  I loved it as much as my son did.–Danny Lai

  • Such a good family activity we could all enjoy!  My kids can't stop talking about it. I'll definitely be booking his next Birthday party here for sure.  Thank you ARace!–Sheila Chan

  • What a fantastic place to take your friends - and beat them at the man's version of Scalextric! Thanks ARace for rekindling boyhood memories.–George Czerniak

  • Thank you for laying on such a great evening.  Your service was fautless and you were great hosts!  Your facility provides a unique experience in Hong Kong and the plentiful nearby car parking takes away the hassle of many Hong Kong party venues.  Thanks again.–Nigel Clark